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September 17th , 2019

How To Reach A Wider Audience


Do you have trouble reaching a wider audience? Does your current method of member communication feel one-sided and closed off? An interactive community app could be right for you. 

K-LOVE was reaching millions of people through the radio, but they knew in the growing world of social technology they needed another way to communicate and engage with their community. 

The solution: myKLOVE 

myKLOVE is a vibrant and active community with over 1.4 million downloads. Community members are able to listen to their favorite songs, read articles, dive into reading plans and connect with others on the live community share wall. Now, K-LOVE listeners are not only hearing the mission of being positive and encouraging but they have the daily opportunity to BE positive and encouraging to thousands of others. 

Why an App? Here are just a few reasons why adding an app makes sense:

Easily Shareable Content: 

When your users see something they love have you made it easy for them to share it? One of the biggest opportunities for organic growth is word of mouth, and today that means social media. With the right technology, your community should be able to quickly and easily share the content they love via social and text. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Text, a simple click of a share button means more eyes are seeing the mission and vision of your organization. 

Having The Right Data:

Constant improvement through analyzing usage and response rate can increase the successfulness of your community. Having the ability to see how your users are interacting with your content, you can more effectively change your strategies to reach more people. Learning through experience is one of the best ways to make the necessary changes that have a real impact on the lives of your followers.

Making sure that that your platform allows not only for customization of the user's experience, but the customization of tracking and events to help you know exactly what’s working and what isn't is vital to help you pivot and make the right changes to help your community thrive. 

Cultivating Loyalty

One of the reasons mobile apps work so well is because they are personal. Having the ability to personalize their experience in the palm of their hands can help increase user loyalty. Use your platform to help followers make a true and sincere connection with your mission and vision and with others and they will feel a sense of “shared responsibility.” When a personalized connection is formed, users of your app are more likely to become a loyal follower. 

What’s Next? 

myKLOVE has seen the immense impact their app has had on their community. When asked how their experience was with us here at Crowd Hub, this is what they had to say: 

“I’ve been totally pleased with the results we’ve experienced with CrowdHub. Our desire for excellence was always welcomed by their team, and they often bring great ideas to the table. Overall, they have been great to collaborate with.” — David, Director of Partnerships

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how an app can help you expand your sphere of influence!