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April 10th , 2019

How Healthy Brands Can Build Community


How Healthy Brands Can Build Community

Humans are social creatures. A study of 166 people found that participants were 42% more likely to reach their fitness goals if they followed a health program with a group of friends, rather than go at it alone.

There’s an extraordinary amount of motivation and encouragement to be found in a community. The problem is that most of us don’t incorporate our health into our social lives. We exercise alone in a gym. We try a new diet by ourselves. We make resolutions and break them. All along, missing the crucial ingredient of community.

So the question is: how are you fostering community within your brand?

At CrowdHub, we are obsessed with creating tribes that stick around for the long run. We help brands create an atmosphere where members are both excited to engage and to spread the word. We make this happen thanks to our Five Pillars of Community. Let’s take a look at how these pillars can help grow your brand.

Pillar #1: Direction and Desired Outcome

Make sure your community can say: “We know where we’re going and why it matters.”

In order for a community to thrive, the members need a common vision. Something to unite and focus their efforts. This can be a collective goal or an individual one, but it needs to be clear. People want to be taken somewhere — they want to be led. And it’s your job as the brand facilitator to point people in the right direction and remind them what’s possible.

Make your brand’s promise clear. Help your clients see the end goal. If your users don’t have a clear picture of where they’re headed, they will drop off quickly. To keep them engaged, make sure the direction and desired outcome are always top of mind.

Pillar #2: Shared Responsibility

Make sure your community can say: “We know our distinct role in accomplishing the mission.”

The more your community engages, the more responsibility they feel. It’s important to give people the opportunity to make a positive difference in your brand and in their own circles. Especially when it comes to health, remind your members of the ripple effect. As they make positive changes in their life, it will affect and inspire the people around them. Make it crystal clear exactly how each member can share the responsibility of the larger mission. What actions do they need to take to feel ownership in the vision?

Pillar #3: Rewards and Recognition

Make sure your community can say: “The reward for accomplishing the vision is greater than the requirement.“

Mark Twain once said, “I can go two months on a good compliment.” Appreciation goes a long way. As your members are taking action, they need to know you’re noticing their efforts. You can reward people with points, discounts, and special prizes — or you can simply recognize them publicly or privately. This could be a shoutout over social media, a “congrats” over email, or a personalized card in the mail. The opportunities are endless. If you want members to stay involved, people need to feel recognized for the action they’re taking.

Pillar #4: Progress Awareness

Make sure your community can say: “We can quickly see and evaluate the progress being made.”

Few things are as motivating as seeing how far you’ve come. Humans love to feel a sense of progress. We need to know that we’re on track and that we’re covering ground. We don’t want to feel stuck in one place. The more you can visually showcase your members’ progress, they more excited they’ll be to keep coming back and keep taking action. Progress Awareness can take the shape of status meters, showing “phases completed,” or anything else that paints a clear picture of how far they’ve come and where they have left to go.

Pillar #5: Ongoing Infrastructure

Make sure your community can say: “We know how to connect and support the community.”

Finally, your people need a place to meet. This is where your website or an app can help facilitate community. They need a clear space to engage with other like-minded people who are also invested in the shared desired outcome. This is where synergy happens. When your users are engaging with each other on their own, you know you’ve created momentum that will last. But this can’t happen if people don’t have a place to meet. Does your platform offer the engagement your community needs?

How to Create Community with Your Brand

Now it’s time to use these 5 Pillars to infuse your brand with a stronger sense of community. We’ve done our best to give you enough direction here to get you started on your own.

However, if you want to dive deeper with someone from our team we’re here to help! If you’d like to set up a free 30-minute conversation about how to build a stronger sense of community and engagement with your brand, reserve your spot here.

In this helpful call, we’ll take a look at your goals, discuss what you’re already doing well, and lay out a recommended plan to help your brand thrive in both the short and long term. We’ll also send you a PDF of the three types of users you’ll need to engage, and tips on how to make that happen.

Book a time slot that works best for you and let’s find out how to take your community to the next level of engagement!

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