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March 13th , 2019

How to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


Have you noticed it is becoming increasingly challenging to really impress a customer? In an ever-changing digital landscape, there are so many options available that are just a click away. Picture this, you want to order food and have it delivered to your house. There are many services to choose from such as Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, and more. How do you choose? There has to be a powerful, unique force that inclines you to pick a company. More importantly, how does a company do enough to not just have you choose them, but come back AND tell other people!

This is what companies and marketers want to accomplish by focusing on and enhancing their customer’s experience. Their end goal is to have their customers become brand ambassadors.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who actively advocates for a company or product and seeks ways to promote that business. We believe that if a user feels a sense of “Shared Responsibility” for your brand and product they will stand up for it as if it was their own.

Imagine if every customer that bought a product spoke about it to 10 different people. The impact and number of people that you would be able to reach by word of mouth alone could be a great marketing strategy for your company.

Here are 4 steps to turn a customer into a brand ambassador:

1. Ask Customers for Feedback

Ambassadors are going to want to refer you to their friends and family. The most common source of new leads is through referrals. An easy step your business could take to gauge potential ambassadors would be to administer a quick survey. This could be as simple as “how likely are you to recommend XYZ”. Based on the answers you receive, you can begin cultivating a list of potential brand ambassadors. Asking for feedback is extremely important to understand what drives customer satisfaction.

2. Start a Referral Program

Based on the results of the survey, determine if it would be beneficial to engage in a referral program. If this is done effectively it can lead you to more customers and potential brand ambassadors.

Uber employs a unique referral program. Every time you invite a friend you get a free ride. Find out what your company could offer and see if it is a viable route to take.

3. Create a Memorable Customer Experience

With so many similar products, offers, and competitors, it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd. By creating a memorable customer experience you are more likely to attract return visitors and have people talking about your business.

Maybe it’s the fact that your website is very user-friendly or that it has an eye-catching visual design. Perhaps it’s the quality or type of content that you provide that can’t be found anywhere else. You may also create such a personalized experience for return customers that you show them what they want based on their past actions. As we mentioned before, by asking for customer feedback, you will know what is or is not working that makes your audience's experience memorable. If it’s a great experience, ask them to share it!

4. Add Value to Your Services

Not only should your focus be on creating a memorable customer experience, but it should also be centered around how you can add value through your services. What does your business do that stands out from competitors? Do you have a unique service or a promotion? By implementing these kinds of strategies, you could attract more eyeballs. If someone really clicks with your company, they might be an ideal brand ambassador.

By creating a unique customer experience, you are more likely to build a solid community of brand ambassadors who can ultimately increase your traffic through word-of-mouth. At Crowd Hub, we strive to add value through all our services. Our main goal is to help your customers become brand ambassadors by building communities that help bring people together around your vision.

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