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February 27th , 2019

The Impact Blogging has on Business


How does blogging help grow your business?

Since the early 2000s blogging has begun to gain traction both in the professional and personal world. People used to blog about their families, a recent vacation, their favorite restaurant, and so forth. However, blogging has now become a powerful tool and strategy that many businesses are implementing.  

It is becoming very crucial for a business to have strong online presence. This allows them to engage and actively communicate with their customers on a daily basis. In order for a company to gain traction they must provide consistent content through their blogging.

Blogging allows you to create meaningful connections

Bloggers want to be able to connect with their audience and it helps establish these connections. Businesses also want to know more about their customers and potential customers needs and wants–blogging provides a place for feedback and comments.

Blogging helps you to attract new visitors

Having a blog is an inexpensive way to increase your online visibility and helps you stand out from the other competitors in your market. If someone reads your blog post and finds it useful,they are more likely to repost or share it on social media. Through this collaboration and sharing you have the potential of attracting new visitors. Frequent postings also help create a brand personality and enable you to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

According to a few recently released content marketing statistics, 55 percent of marketers say that blog creation is one of their top priorities in their inbound marketing strategy.

Consistent blogging boosts your search engine optimization

Major search engines are always on the lookout for fresh content, so when a business is consistently “feeding the bots”, their business gains traction on these platforms.

Every time a blog post goes live it creates a new indexed page and creates the opportunity for your company to be picked up by a search engine and drive traffic to your site.

Blogging establishes trust

The more frequently you post,the more people will begin to see your company as a reliable and trustworthy source. Just make sure you are consistently posting, whether that be on a specific day or at a certain time, and that the content you are posting is of high-quality. Try to find a blogging schedule that works for you and stick to it. Adding a comment section can also be beneficial as it allows the business to connect with customers in a more conversational way, and builds a sense of trust and loyalty to your brand.

Blogging helps convert visitors to potential customers

If you execute your blog well,customers will notice. Word of mouth is an essential marketing strategy.The more people like something the more they will share it and traction will build. Having a blog also builds a community of followers. Sometimes it can be very effective to have influencers post your blog or feature the blog  somewhere with increased visibility. These actions can drive more activity to your blog. A blog post can also help convert visitors to potential customers by adding a call-to-action at the end. What do you want the reader to do now?

Thinking about starting a blog? Crowd Hub can help you unpack your mission and the vision you have for your brand before you pump out irrelevant content. Connect with us to help you  start on the right track, attract customers, and generate traffic to your business.