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February 6th , 2019

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Engagement - maybe the most misunderstood word in the community tech space. What does it really mean to "engage?" Is it a “like?” Or a “share?” Or a “comment?” How do we really know if a user is engaged? 

For nearly four decades, psychologists have used a tool called the Circumplex Model of emotions to help determine emotional engagement. It’s pretty simple, actually. By measuring the value one feels in relation to how active one is, emotional engagement can be determined. (see the below diagram)

For example, if someone is highly engaged but feels undervalued their emotional engagement will be "distressed.”

At Crowd Hub, we have taken this model and built what we call our 8 Stages of Partnership. Anywhere from “Engaged” to “Disconnected” users have a unique partnership level with your brand.

What does it look like for your community to engage? Contact Us and lets chat!