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July 17th , 2016

Give 'Em Cake! How You Can Use Community Technology to Reward Members


OK, maybe not cake. Sweetening an online community's connection, however, is a real and effective strategy. You already know that building an online community amplifies brand exposure, increases sales and reduces customer support costs. As this recent CMO Survey reports, most businesses plan to spend significantly more on social media and community building in the next 5 years than they do now. Clearly, online community technology is a powerful business tool that not only increases sales but gives you valuable insights into the market.

One of the best and most often overlooked strategies for engaging community members is to offer rewards. The wise use of incentives turns community members into outspoken advocates of your brand.

Follow these 3 highly effective rewards and incentives to engage your online community and attract more members:

#1. Give community members something worth sharing. How about a coupon for a free consultation, product or service? Or, offer a free e-book or white paper download. Ask your community to share with friends and family. They'll spread the joy.

#2. Create a sense of caring by adding an incentive where all or part of the proceeds go to a charitable cause. Choose a charity that relates to your business. If you sell pet products, for example, support an animal shelter or rescue group. Caring is sharing. People feel good about giving and feel great about purchasing from a company that shows it cares.

#3.  Invite reviews. Whether it's a review for a product already on the market or a prototype you have yet to launch, let your most vocal members try it out and offer feedback. Engage the community and gain insight into your customer base at the same time.

Contact us at Crowd Hub for reward, engagement and content community technology tools to turn your customers into brand champions. We may not have cake, but what we do have is pretty sweet.