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January 30th , 2019

8 Stages of Change: Resting Partnerships


Understanding the 8 stages of Change in employee partnerships is essential to the company getting the most from you, and you getting the most from the company. After all, when both of those things happen, the customer gets the most out of the product or service they spend their hard-earned money to buy.

As a resting partner you are in the position of ultimate control within the system of change. You know you are highly valued, but perhaps recent events, or a culmination of events over a longer period of time, has led to your feeling unmotivated to activate to your maximum ability. You may feel emotionally indifferent, but the good news is you are in a place to make the changes necessary to elevate that emotional bond with the company, and reclaim your role.

It is important to understand that indifference as an expression is basically "I don't care either way." However, if you are interacting with another employee or customer, the expression they hear still begins with "I don't care." Your mood, attitude, and performance are all interrelated, and have a systemic consequence to you, your fellow employees, and eventually the customer. In short, while certainly not on the edge of an emotional cliff, indifference is one step away, and it is important that you communicate your ideas as to what needs to take place for you to regain your elevated emotional connection to your role in the company. 

Remember that you are in control of what you communicate. If you are not satisfied with the response you get, don't be afraid to ask to speak to someone else about it. Not everyone sees situations in the same light, and the old saying prevails that "two heads are better than one." Most of all, remember that you ARE important, and that your skills and abilities are needed on a daily basis. If you know your value is high, you obviously know the company is not as strong when you are not activated to the max. The company and the customers need you to have a great day, so please do!