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January 23rd , 2019

8 Stages of Change: Progressing Partnerships


As an employee of the company, it is important that you understand where you fit into the 8 stages of Change, that you are activated to your maximum ability, and you feel valued in your role. Regardless of your role in delivering the overall product to the customer, you have an impact on the employees around you, your contribution to the quality of the workflow, and the quality of the product as it leaves you and is touched by the next employee. Understanding the company as a system of interdependent parts is essential to your growth as an employee, and the company as a system that is designed to deliver satisfaction to a target market.

Every aspect of the time you spend investing in the company is impacted by the things that occur during that time. If you take an idea to your supervisor and he or she doesn't make the time to give it the attention it needs, you might become discouraged. Conversely, if your idea is entertained and becomes the routine for how situations should be handled properly, you feel empowered and more valuable.  

As a progressing partner, you are in a great place. Feeling moderately valued means that there is plenty of room for you to actually see your stock rise as you increase your activation. In fact, your activation level is directly impacted by your feeling of value, and your feeling of value is directly impacted by the response you get when you attempt to elevate your activation level.  

What you must remember is that you know YOU. You are the only person who can exhibit your abilities and skills, and you are the best person to activate any plan for change that came from your mind. It was configured in a certain way when it occurred to you, and you MUST communicate it in a way that shows the kind of value that caused you to believe in it to begin with.  

As with anything, communicating your concerns, motivations, and feelings about how you can improve both your experience and your work team's experience is key to making sure everyone is on the same page. After all, the product handed to the customer is a direct reflection of the attitude of the people who touched it along the way.  We are happy you are a part of that team, and look forward to seeing what you will do in the future. Have a great day!