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January 16th , 2019

8 Stages of Change: Engaged Partnership


Of the 8 stages of change, you are in the category of "Engaged Partnership". As an individual, this means that you are an engaged employee. You experience feelings of happiness and excitement. Can you relate?

"Engaged Partnership" further defines the relationship you have (as an engaged employee) with your employer. For example, you feel connected to your employer, you provide input and you feel valued by the company. You are motivated to do good work, and your company has come to depend on your productivity. 

Companies not only value engaged employees, most recognize that engaged employees are no longer the norm. According to Gallup only 32.6% of workers are engaged with their employer. That's a staggering statistic; it also amplifies your engaged status within the workplace. 

Is there a downside to being an engaged employee? Not necessarily, but there is a vulnerability to be aware of. It isn't realistic that you can sustain a high level of engagement by getting comfortable, or eventually bored with your current position. You need to find new ways to challenge yourself within your position, and make sure that you have employer supported opportunities to grow. 

As a strong employee, you are in a good position to have an active voice in your future growth and development. Company needs change on a regular basis, pay attention to the needs of the organization and take the lead on suggesting how you are qualified to meet their evolving needs. This will create a win-win for you and the company, and keep you in the valued 32.6% of the workforce.