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January 9th , 2019

8 Stages of Change: Connected Partnership


You are a connected employee according to the 8 stages of change. As a connected employee, you feel positive and activated on the job, and in this category you have what is referred to as a "Connected Partnership" with your employer. Nationwide, you fall into about 30% of employees that actually like their job. Employers recognize the value of your attitude towards work, and as such, will be motivated to retain you!

Evidence of a connected partnership is when you feel positive about the company, and you willingly contribute in order to have a positive impact within the organization. You do feel valued by the company; however, you've recognized that you aren't as engaged as you could be.

Everyone has an off day here or there, which doesn't necessarily change your category. However, it's important to pay attention to the fact that you aren't as engaged as you could be. If caught and addressed early, you can choose to move yourself back into the category of engaged partnership, which is an extremely productive and satisfied level. The onus lies on you to make a change, before your boss notices that you are starting to become content.  

First, remind yourself how rewarding it is to be recognized for doing great work. Build on new ideas in order to take your creativity to the next level. Talk to your employer to make sure that you have a mutual understanding of job performance, and ensure that you both define your relationship as a connected partnership.