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January 2nd , 2019

Foster a Vibrant Company Culture for a Happy Staff


Employees don't want to just show up in the morning, punch in the figurative time clock, engage in mind-numbing work for eight or so hours, and clock out for a paycheck anymore. Of course, no one starts out wanting to feel stagnant in the workplace, but as we all know, it can happen. Many want their time at work to be meaningful, to have an impact on a grander scale if possible. They have an increasing desire to be engaged in the workplace, not just as one of many employees diligently plugging away at their duties, but as a member of a thriving community. Fostering a vibrant company culture is not a new idea, but it is an ever-evolving, and important one. More and more businesses are turning to community technology to create a strong sense of community within the workplace, and with their customers. When developing a community app for your company, you want it to be sustainable, beneficial and engaging for its members. Here are some pillars to define and consider as you start the journey to forging a healthy community. 

What's the point? 

You need a clear vision for your app. Define the benefits it will offer members, and how it will engage them in continued participation. It should serve a meaningful purpose, and give them a reason to be excited about using it. Curate educational content for the app that members want to share, and give them avenues to comment and contribute ideas as well. 

Collective responsibility 

Each member should be aware of their unique role inside the community, such as how they contribute to the overall company mission, and even more importantly, why their participation is needed for the success of the whole team. Use of the app should leave them feeling more connected and driven at work.

How am I doing and what do I get? 

Individual members should also have a way to tally up their progress and see how they are doing. Many apps use gamification and rewards systems to keep users motivated, and instill a sense of healthy competition. This could include goal tracking, points or badges awarded for continued participation, or loyalty programs offering rewards and discounts for users as they complete certain tasks or levels on the app. 

Sturdy infrastructure 

Before you launch your community app, you need to have a set infrastructure in place for ongoing growth and sustainability. There should be a team in charge of monitoring progress and coming up with ways to keep it fresh and relevant, both in the workplace, and in the greater community of consumers if applicable.  

The introduction of well-designed community technology can breathe new life into a stale work environment. 

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