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December 12th , 2018

Five things about our Most recent pitch deck you need to know


Our most recent pitch deck has just been released, and we're very excited to share it with you all. However, as the ever-busy entrepreneurs you are, you may not have time to examine the pitch deck in full. That being said, we are happy to present the five things about our most recent pitch deck that you need to know!

  • Our Goal: No one should experience your brand alone. We believe that community is the number one driver for business, and our goal is to help you create that community in a strong and sustainable manner. 
  • Our Tools: Just like Newton's third law, in business, every action causes a reaction. We build our tools for you in order to create the reaction your business needs!
  • Our Framework: Our framework is built on the solid base of our 5 Pillars of Community. These pillars come together to guide us, and are the cornerstone that holds our mission together. 
  • The Pillars: The Five Pillars (Direction & Desired Outcome, Shared Responsibility, Progress Awareness, Rewards & Recognition, and Ecosystem) each lead to a question all successful businesses must ask: 
  1. How aware are individuals of where the vision is going and why the vision matters?
  2. How aware are individuals of their unique role in accomplishing the vision and why they are needed?
  3. Are individuals able to quickly see and evaluate the progress being made?
  4. Does the reward for accomplishing the vision outweigh the requirements for individuals executing it?
  5. What organizational framework exists to manage ongoing growth and sustainability?
  • Four Steps: When putting our 5 Pillar Framework to work for you, we will use four basic steps:
  1. Onboarding: From strategic workflow to user customization, onboarding is critical.
  2. Ongoing: Develop rich content tracks, match users interests, empower crowdsourced communicationand support real time engagement.
  3. Gaming: Explore pointslevels, and badges to progress bars and countdowns to make engagement fun and rewarding.
  4. Returning: Use personal and team goalscrowd sourced support and timelapse alerts. Give your community a reason to come back.

Ready to start your own community? Check us out!