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December 5th , 2018

Three Ways to Design a Community App Based on Shared Community Vision


Right now, people around the world are looking for ways to come together, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; to bring goodness to our communities and to those around us. 

Community is our way of connecting and sharing with others the things we care about. 

Businesses can join the momentum by implementing a shared community vision.

This can be done through developing community-driven apps which align members together over a shared goal, interest, mission, or even lifestyle.

Each community should have an underlying thread woven through, whether that be content sharing, goal tracking, fund raising, or informational. 

Here are some tips on how to design a community that will boost brand awareness and at the same time be enriching for those involved. 

Framework for ongoing growth

A well-designed app should have an organizational framework and ecosystem which encourages growth and sustainability. That could be a rewards system, promotions, shared goal trackers, or anything encouraging return visits and participation. 

Define the mission

What is the purpose of developing your community? Clearly define what you hope to achieve and what need or want the app will fulfill for your members. Make sure it aligns with the overall vision of your organization. Perhaps there is a shared fundraising or lifestyle goal, or maybe you simply want to create a space for content sharing which will empower users and spread the word simultaneously about your brand. 

Build an emotional connection

Consumers are more likely to stay loyal to brands they respect and feel emotionally connected to in some way. If companies utilize technology and social media to connect members with shared aspirations, questions or interests, it creates a forum which will not only be engaging and informational, but also generate more buzz around the company motto and vision. A successful community strategy can also boost retention and lead to new business as members share their excitement with friends and family.

A revitalized sense of community is something we are all craving right now. 

Contact Crowd Hub for help developing a community worthy of your consumers, based on the foundation that no one should experience your brand alone.