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November 28th , 2018

Shared Community Vision - The Role of the Influencer


When growing a business, or even just defining initial goals, having a consistent message is key. The presence of that message will ultimately foster a shared community vision, which has a critical function in establishing who you are, where you are going, and most importantly, who you want to respond. Whether you choose to be a house of brands like Proctor & Gamble, or a branded house, like Coca-Cola, establishing a solid brand identity will set the foundation for ongoing growth and corporate sustainability for your business.

When its comes to branding, a large measure of success is defined by the weight of the brand equity. What is the influence of the community that has built up around your brand? The more people that rally behind a shared goal, the more effective your brand strategy. In a world dominated by social media, a concrete social strategy is your gateway to branding mecca. That brings us to the role of the influencer. Influencers, coined by the Forbes as “the golden children of marketing,” have the ability to provide an external level of authority to your consumer base. By allowing the influencer to become part of your brand ecosystem, a brand hero is born!

Choose someone to align with the mission and goals of your organization, as it is likely that their audience will align also. As this new audience already has an emotional connection to the influencer, the likelihood of that connection transferring to your brand is practically inevitable. Due to the nature of the social sphere, your reach will continue to grow as that emotional connection grows, creating an unstoppable branding powerhouse that in many ways, has a life of its own.