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November 14th , 2018

Create meaningful connections with community technology


Community is so important in all aspects of our lives, yet it is something we don't always nurture or develop. 

Skimming through the day's headlines lately can make anyone feel a sense of helplessness or lack of control, which is why it is imperative to actively seek out community engagement in our personal, and even professional lives. Finding avenues of connection in our daily routine makes us feel engaged in things we care about, and like we have some control over our surroundings. In our personal lives, this can mean renewed connection with our friends and family by really carving out space to enjoy each other's company. Businesses hoping to spread this same ideal can do so utilizing community technology.

The idea is about creating apps and platforms that bring communities together around similar values and goals. This could be brand engagement, funding efforts, charity work, life goals, really anything that encourages a coming together of community members in a positive and sustainable way. An effective community app will place importance on clear direction and shared responsibility. Members should understand the vision or purpose of the community and their own unique role inside it. It's also important that contributors see signs of progress as it's being made, and perhaps even engage in some type of reward or gamification system to keep them coming back. From a development standpoint, an app should have an ecosystem with an organizational framework supporting ongoing growth and sustainability. 

Now, perhaps more than ever, we are all yearning for a combination of connection, meaning and purpose in life. We want to share our struggles and triumphs with others and build something together. In this way, the use of community technology is of mutual benefit to businesses and community contributors. 

For ideas on how to fire up your community, create meaningful connections and build on shared aspiration, contact us to design a tailor-made app capturing your unique vision. You can also follow this link to get a copy of our 5 Pillars of Community.