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November 7th , 2018

The Importance of Creating a Diverse Workplace


“An understanding of diversity is a very important aspect of doing business in our global environment.” ~ Kathryn Alexander 

Workplace demographics and global markets are changing, growing more diverse today. As such, businesses must commit to embracing these changes and helping employees show mutual respect among themselves so a synergistic work environment becomes the norm. What does this mean for your business?

 Formulating a winning diversity program requires a conceptual framework. This is where the 5 pillars of a sustainable community come into play. Here's what this looks like:

  • A genuine commitment to diversity from those in upper management.

  • Your company also needs to integrate supplier diversity initiatives to increase its brand recognition.

  • To optimize and prolong internal diversity performance your business must incorporate key sustainability measures. These include relevant goals (allow census data and niche marketing representation to guide you when making goals for hiring and advertising.); accountability (create a system of checks and balances that hold middle management responsible.); talent management (leveraging talent is crucial for long-term success when you're building brand loyalty.); and assessing how things are working (internal benchmarks are necessary for gauging progress as you hire, promote, and retain talent within your company.).

  • Employee optimization should include mandatory diversity training for all employees (but especially middle management) and focus on crucial areas, which include recruiting, marketing, and mentoring.

  • Consistent, relevant internal messaging reduces any problems resulting from poor communication. This leverages the relationship between effective communication and motivation, which helps promote brand loyalty.

Fostering a sense of community with your customers is important, and community technology helps you achieve this success.