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October 3rd , 2018

How to get tangible results with community technology


More and more companies are turning to online community technology to create, engage and retain a loyal customer base. The general idea behind community apps is to raise brand awareness and increase involvement between businesses and their consumers. Sounds simple enough, but what does it mean in tangible terms? How exactly can companies go about building the community that will be the most effective for their own unique brand? It's important to put a clear strategy in place before the community goes live. In fact, the biggest reason community campaigns fail is a lack of internal support and resources. Crowd hub believes no one should experience your brand alone, and that means putting in effort beforehand to create a well-thought approach to reach consumers.Here are some factors to consider before launching an effective community drive.

Business Alignment 

Clearly define how the community will align with the mission and goals of your organization. Decide what purpose or need it will fulfill and why it will matter to your members. 

Member Psyche

Think about your target market and what's important to them, such as what they enjoy and what stresses them out. If there's a problem or inconvenience you can solve for them, do it! There must be a benefit for them to join.


Put yourself in the shoes of your community members. Map out levels of engagement -- potential, new, passive, active, power -- and what each will mean for consumers. Think about rewards and participation markers.

Content and Programming

This is where it all comes together. Define the type of content that will engage new and existing customers, and decide who is responsible for keeping the programming flowing.


Here is where you analyze how you are doing. Decide what data you can use to keep track of your community impact and member activity. Set up a dashboard to collect and visualize your information. Google Analytics is a good place to start.

Team structure and communication

Decide the structure for your community management. Choose what teams within your organization will lead the community effort, who they can coordinate with and what resources they need to be successful. Outline effective communication channels between all involved.


It's important to have at least a good estimate of what it's all going to cost. This includes technology use, time investment, events planned, contract work and more. 

Don't let a disorganized community campaign drain you of money, time and resources without adding value to your brand.

We've done the research and we know how to develop and market your community IQ

Let us help you define your community strategy for optimal consumer engagement and tangible results.