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September 26th , 2018

The One Idea Every Politician Agrees With


It's that time. The temperature is dropping, ghosts and skeletons pop up on lawns across America, and presidential hopefuls battle it out in a war of words on national television. Here we go again.

Time after time, election after election, it seems like the candidates diverge on nearly every conceivable subject. They disagree on foreign policy, they disagree on the economy, they disagree on civil and religious freedoms. Basically, they disagree. But there is one thing that they all agree on:

Communities are powerful.

At its core, that's what politics boils down to: utilizing the strength of a community, whether that is a school board, a city, or a country. Take Bernie Sanders, for example.

The Vermont Senator entered the presidential race as, essentially, the only real contender with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party's nomination. Sanders entered without any of the political clout or fundraising machinery that other potential candidates such as Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz had and yet Sanders was able to use technology and the strength of the community backing him to raise more money than any of the other candidates for months on end. Even after Sanders dropped out of the race, the community supporting him continued to impact the political landscape in significant ways.

Or take Donald Trump. The man had no experience in politics, and when he entered the race many considered it a publicity stunt (see this or this or this). But because he understood what a significant portion of the Republican and Independent voter communities wanted, he became the Republican nominee. 

We'll say it again. Communities are powerful.

Strong communities make long shots and underdogs realities and champions. Using technology to make those strong communities is what we specialize in here at Crowd Hub. To find out more about what it means to make a strong community check out our website, or just contact us.