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September 5th , 2018

Use community technology to bring vibrancy and buzz to your brand


They say it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a community to grow a business. An engaged community is essential for the creation and retention of a loyal, satisfied and evolving customer base -- as well as happy and productive employees. 

Community technology is the key to forging meaningful connections between your business and its employees, customers, and donors. Crowd Hub leads the way in building connection platforms which energize communities to rally behind, with, and for a brand or cause.

Consumers want to trust in the companies they support. They want to see that those companies not only provide a service but also enrich the local community in some way. Loyal customers spend more, share more about their experiences with their friends and family, and bring an infectious buzz and vibrancy to a growing or established business. Crowd Hub creates digital platforms which are easy to explore, simple to use and help brands define their community purpose. That purpose could be a question and answer forum, like in the case of the H&R Block community, where users answered a whopping one million tax-related questions and provided the company with a 15 percent lift in business, according to this data study. Or it could mean launching the largest social hashtag campaign in Habitat for Humanity history, which raised $125,000 for the organization.

Community technology apps also provide brands with an inside look at their consumers, providing behavior and interest reports which help establish areas of interest and habits. Nearly 90 percent of Crowd Hub community members are repeat visitors, and repeat visitors mean repeat business. Expand your reach. Expand your voice. Expand your brand.