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August 29th , 2018

The community side of community technology


Do you know what community technology really is? Most people immediately think apps that draw people into their community; apps that make it easy to interact with others in your community, whether it is a special interest group or a business. That is the technology side of community technology. Apps and technology are a very important part of community technology, but once people have downloaded the app, the community must engage the members. It has to involve community members to the point that they care enough to share their experiences and knowledge.

The eighth international Communities & Technologies conference will take place in Troyes, France, between the 26th and 30th of June 2017. The theme for the conference is Technology for the Common Good. Among other things, the conference program will include workshops, keynote speakers, and case studies.

Seven Cups of Tea is a community of people who care enough to listen. The website started by clinical psychologist Glen Moriarty about a year ago now has around 17,000 "active listeners." It is a community that cares enough to share their expertise and experience with people who need it.

The National Endowment for the Humanities is winding down a year-long program called The Common Good. One of the areas grants were offered in was:

  "How can the humanities illuminate both the positive and worrisome ways in which the remarkable advances in information technology are affecting individuals and communities in contemporary American life?"

The conference, the website, and the government program show how important caring and sharing is becoming in community technology. People need to feel and be connected. Create the brilliant app that entices people to your community. Keep them coming back and involved by offering a real sense of community where people care enough to share.