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July 25th , 2018

Community Technology: Why Fostering a Sense of Community is Important


Fostering a sense of community with your consumers is important, and Community technology can help you achieve success with your business.

Companies with a healthy community environment achieve a high level of synergy and success; just look at companies like Google, Facebook, and Southwest Airlines. These companies have gone a step further and reached stratospheric levels of success by fostering a sense of community with their consumers as well.

Crowd Hub can help your business achieve a high level of success by connecting you with your community through our use of community technology. We work with your business to build a strategic web and native app platform that get people talking about your brand or product. This benefits your company for several reasons:

1. People talking about your brand or product will start to care about this product and influence others to do the same. Facebook began as a small social media company catering to the needs of the college and university community. Talk began amongst students about the superiority of Facebook over its competitor, Myspace, and more and more students flocked to the start-up social media platform.

2. The community technology platform boosts the habitual engagement of your product leading to consumer familiarity of your product over your competitors. Facebook was able to capitalize on the familiarity and sense of community it created in its consumer base. As Facebook's consumers aged out of college, Facebook adjusted and expanded to create a larger sense of community and allow anyone to connect on the platform. Eventually Facebook became the largest social media platform on the planet.

3. Creating a sense of community keeps customers around for longer. Facebook was able to create this sense of community naturally in order to become the behemoth it is today. Crowd Hub can help your company achieve this through community technology.