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June 20th , 2018

How to Change a Negative Team Perspective with the 5 Pillars of Community!


You've probably heard the saying, "one apple can spoil the whole bunch." If you have a bad apple on your team, it's time for you to take action; it's time for you to determine the community perspective that the team has, and what the damage is.

You've seen the symptom; a new hire starts off with a high level of enthusiasm and work ethic, but after a few weeks, starts to slack off, cut corners, and even joke about how much they 'hate their job.' Most people assume this as a normal behavior after settling into a new workplace, but it is actually a symptom of a team epidemic, and the new hire is simply being influenced by the team's preexisting community perspective.

You can fix this problem using the 5 pillars of community to determine what the problem is, how serious it is, and what you can do to create a new, long-lasting community perspective in your team.

1. Direction and Desired Outcome: So often the greater vision of a company gets overshadowed by the many everyday tasks that the team must accomplish. Employees start to feel like their work is monotonous and that they are accomplishing many pointless little tasks instead of a several of significant ones that serve as steps towards a larger goal. As an employer, you are the leader, and you set the tone for the community perspective. It is important to frequently and consistently remind the team of the goal they are working to achieve!

2. Shared Responsibility: How valuable does each individual feel they add to the team? Does each person have tasks assigned to them that complement their unique set of skills? Consider setting up evaluations with each employee to discuss their strengths and weaknesses in order to determine this.

3. Process to Examine Progress: Does the team have a way of seeing how close they are to achieving a goal? Having a way for the team to measure their progress is an effective way of keeping the energy up! When a team knows they are almost finished with a project, it will give them the boost of extra energy they need to really hit it out of the park!

4. Rewards and Recognition: Rewards and recognition are very important for keeping your employees passionate about the tasks they must perform! There are small, but meaningful rewards, such as surprising them with breakfast when they are getting close to reaching a goal! Then there are larger things that really show that they are valuable members of the team community, such as health benefits, retirement packages, and paid sick days and vacations! Verbal recognition will also go a long way towards keeping individual team members motivated! Cards on birthdays and holidays are a nice gesture of appreciation as well! Make sure to show your employees that you care by making sure they are not just doing well at work, but doing well at home as well!

5. Ongoing Infrastructure: Does your team have a good infrastructure to ensure productivity and the potential for growth in the company? A company that allows its employees to rise in the chain of command will have a level of sustainability that other companies will struggle to maintain. Promoting from within will always be a silent motivator to employees, and will keep the brand standards consistent.

When your company enforces these 5 pillars of community, your team will flourish and its community perspective will change to one that will keep your everyone consistently enthusiastic and productive!