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June 13th , 2018

Turn Your Community into Brand Champions with Community Technology


Branding--every savvy business owner or corporate management team knows that it's the key to creating and maintaining lasting customer relationships. Community technology can help your business stand out and forge long-standing relationships that create Brand Champions instead of one-time customers.

What happens when you use community technology to create Brand Champions?

  • You can look forward to increased conversion. The more loyal customers a business has, the more sales they have. You want more sales, right? You need more loyal customers--more Brand Heroes.
  • Did you know that 5% customer retention can provide a 50% increase in profit? If you have 100 customers bringing in $100,000 in profit a year, and you make 5 of them into Brand Champions, that profit can climb to $150,000! Imagine then if you created 5 more Brand Cha lions, and so on!
  • Do you have a mobile rewards program? (Probably not, if you're reading this.) You should have one, though! That's because 47% of consumers wish brands had such community technology. Listening to your potential customers and Brand CHampions is a great way to bring them on board.
  • We all know the app markets are flooded with new apps. That's why we're happy to share that Crowd Hub apps continue to grow even after their first month on the market! We've seen a continued growth of 20% in registrations after month one, which means that you can continue building Brand Champions, even when your community technology isn't brand new anymore.

We know your organization matters. We want to be your Brand Champion too, by helping you build a larger community of consumers who care about your mission and your brand. Chat with us to get started with community technology that will turn your community into Brand Champions.