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June 6th , 2018

The Christian Community: A Source of Inspiration and Strength


From its earliest days, the Christian church has been a source of community for all of its members. A source of solace and joy, a place of refuge and contemplation, the church and its members have created the institution into one of community, where all are welcome. But why has the church become such a strong community?

The first answer lies in Christian theology. According to scripture (specifically 1 Corinthians 12:12 or Romans 12:5), the whole of the church of Christ is one body, and each member is both individual and communal. This idea of togetherness, of being one body in God's church, lays the foundation for all that the church is and can be to its members.

The church is also a source of inspiration for many people. For example, consider just all of the musical and artistic works that have come from the church: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, Mozart's Coronation mass, the church hymns that so many know, the beautiful stained glass windows that adorn many different churches. All of this wonderful artistic creation comes from the inspiration of the church, and of its members. And the Christian community itself comes from a form of political inspiration -- Jesus' divine inspiration to create the Christian church for the worship of God.

Many, too, find strength in the word of God and in the church's community -- many consider a priest or fellow parishioner a dear friend, a person whom one can open up to, intimately. And the strength of community (especially the Christian community) is a source of inspiration in the business world, too. After all, with a group like CrowdHub, you and your business will never be left alone -- there will always be someone there to bear your cross with you.