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May 30th , 2018

How Company Culture Fosters Community in the Workplace


Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of - generally unspoken and unwritten - rules for working together.


The feeling of belonging to a community in your place of business begins with the mindset of the people. Ultimately, it's a mindset that begins with a vision or goals from the owner or a company leader. Community in a company is seen in the energy of its employees, in the evidence of a friendly work environment and a company that has strong internal support systems. The growth of your business can grow in direction proportion to the growth of community in your company. Following are some guidelines that have help other companies to establish a strong sense of community and a culture that employees are eager to be a part of every single day!

  •     Establish a mission statement and find ways for your team to actively embrace it.
  •     Be personable with your employees without being too personal. Make your employees feel appreciated and important.
  •     Recognize employees for achievements and contributions.
  •     Show gratitude. Employees simply want to hear thank-you for a job well done.
  •     Allow opportunities for your team to get to know each other.
  •     Management should know some sort of personal detail about their employees. Ask questions that show genuine concern for the employee as a person.
  •     Have some fun. Happy employees are productive employees.

Finally, hire people who fit your culture. Since culture is so important to the health of a company, when you do begin to foster that community feeling, do everything in your power to keep it going!

Community Technology (mainly community) is born from a positive company culture.  Crowd Hub can help you develop a road map with clear direction on how to foster a positive culture. Contact us today!