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May 23rd , 2018

5 Pillars of Community Determine "Community IQ"


Crowd Hub aims to reconnect people separated from one another through the digital isolation that is becoming the norm in the data-driven world of today. To make that happen, though, they need to employ a system to diagnose and evaluate needs of the community they want to serve. They call that system the "5 Pillars of Community."

  1. Direction and desired outcome. Individuals only value community when their personal goals are in tune with that community. This important truth helps Crowd Hub gather individuals together by aligning personal goals with the whole and including everyone in the communities vision.
  2. Shared Responsibility. You matter to the people around you and they matter to you. How everyone functions within a community determines the success of the community and by generating awareness of this Crowd Hub encourages realizing the goals the community has in common.
  3. Process to examine progress. Crowd Hub makes sure participants can see their accomplishments to promote drive toward future achievements.
  4. Reward and recognition. This pillar examines whether the return is worth the work it requires and then determines how to improve the results.
  5. Ongoing Infrastructure. Is the present organizational framework effective or is it an impediment? The paths in place to accomplish tasks play a significant role in the interaction between participants, either facilitating or dismantling community.

With these considerations or "Pillars" in place Crowd Hub can read the "Community IQ" and generate spaces contemporaneous with digital and physical worlds, re-creating connectivity between people who share more than just directives, but dreams and goals as well.