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May 16th , 2018

The Reason Why Those Corporate Retreats are Always So Awkward (And How to Fix That)


It was a beautiful day. Blue skies, big, fluffy clouds hanging in the air, a gentle breeze bringing just the right amount of coolness, a bouncy-house for the kids, and hamburgers sizzling on the grills... And you would have rather been in the office. Have you ever wondered why corporate retreats are so painfully awkward? So does everyone else. At Crowd Hub, we figured out why and how to fix it at the same time.

By rights those company retreats should be fun, because they have everything you would want from a day at the park. Generally some kind of classic "picnic food" that somehow just tastes better when you eat it in a park and space for the kids to run around without being right in your face or out of sight (we love them, but we need to breathe more than they seem to). But instead of enjoying yourself, you find yourself making awkward small talk with Tina from Accounting or Jim from HR and wondering if you have a good enough reason to leave before they get to the "fun team building activities" later in the day that Sales always seems to win. Why?

Simple: You don't really know anyone. Nothing is more uncomfortable than knowing you have a legitimate connection to someone (in this case work) and not knowing a thing about them. You feel as though you are somehow failing, even though you have had no way of getting to know them before that moment.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this classic corporate struggle. Rollo May, a prominent existential psychologist of the 20th century, once wrote, "Communication leads to community — that is, to understanding, intimacy, and the mutual valuing that was previously lacking". This idea is central to our vision at Crowd Hub and why we have devoted teams that help create community software solutions for new and established communities. We believe that companies, brands, and organizations cannot reach their full potential without strong communities at their core.

Don't settle for the awkward picnic at the park, contact us to find out how to start building your real community today.