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May 2nd , 2018

Attaining and Maintaining the 5 Pillars of Community


The 5 pillars of community are just as they sound. Community, as in any like-minded group, with goals and shared agenda; not a group of houses on the same block. The pillars work together to provide structure and composition, keeping a fantastic concept off the ground! Most importantly, they hold the community up and together. Only then can that community, whatever it may be or stand for, move ahead and stay relevant.

1. Direction & Desired Outcome: Members must be highly aware of where the vision (of said community or company) is going and why the vision matters. Luckily just the need to belong and accomplish can be a great motivator.

2. Shared Responsibility - Members must also be aware of their unique role in accomplishing the vision; that they, themselves, are needed. This helps them avoid getting lost in a sea of players. Knowing your worth makes anyone work harder!

3. Process to Examine Progress - Individuals must be able to quickly see and evaluate the progress being made. Unfortunately, speed is important. Problems are solved quickly and progress continues! 

4. Rewards & Recognition - The reward for accomplishing the vision must outweigh the requirements for individuals executing it. This is a personal vision that doesn't have to be the same in every mind, as long as that mutual accomplishment is maintained.

5. Ongoing Infrastructure - A strong organizational framework must exist to manage ongoing growth and sustainability. The fifth pillar, has everything to do with all of the pillars.

Every member of any company or community is part of the pillars. A small kernel, is just as important as a giant chunk. The desire to be involved and successful is the only initial requirement!