Anyone who has ever moved a long distance (or even a short one) knows that two of the biggest struggles you face are leaving your communities behind and finding your place in your new communities. You want to stay part of those old communities even as you find yourself trying to become part of the new. At Crowd Hub, we would like to believe you can do both. Our communities are part of us, and no one should have to lose part of themselves.

It's hard, though. Suddenly there is all this distance from the old and a frightening proximity to the new. A new that you often know little to nothing about. So why do we bother? For the most part, no matter how uncomfortable we are in new situations, we almost all integrate ourselves into the communities around us. What drives us to do that?

In two words? The future. Real communities build the future and we all want to be part of that.

We were thrilled when we had the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity, because, in many ways, they embody that idea of a community coming together to build for the future. Take what happened with a man named Youkhanna, for example. Originally from Afghanistan, he volunteered to assist the U.S. Army as a translator, later taking his family and fleeing the country fearing for their safety.

He and his family eventually found themselves in Raleigh, North Carolina, in an apartment they could barely afford. With the help of their local church, they got in touch with Habitat for Humanity who helped them build a home they could afford, helped him get a job, and, as a result, he is now actively contributing to Habitat for Humanity himself.

This is what community is about. It's about supporting each other, building each other up, and being supported when we need it. At Crowd Hub, that is our model. We take what we have learned and build strong virtual communities that we can take with us wherever we go and can turn to when we need them. Perhaps most importantly, they are communities where members can really be involved in building the community and building for the future. Contact us to start building your community