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July 20th , 2016

Community Technology: How Community Will Improve Your Business


Sometimes, the world of business can leave you feeling lost at sea. What makes your business important to the rest of the world? How can you gain the attention of the crowd? The key is community.

You're trying to make an impact, to get people involved in what you do, but mere promotion isn't doing the trick. By building a community around who you are and what you do, you lend yourself a power and importance that you couldn't have without the supporters that come with it. A community gives you support, it empowers your business, and a devoted community will further your reach more than any program or promotional series. Building a strong community is arguably the most valuable and beneficial thing you can do for your brand, no matter what it is.

But how do you build a community? How can you measure the effectiveness of your community and community-building? There's plenty of help available to you. Perhaps the most useful tool in building a community is incorporating a five pillar system. These five pillars should be comprised of a clear direction and desired outcome, shared responsibility for the successes and failures of your business, a process to examine the progress you will make, rewards and recognition for members of the community, and an ongoing infrastructure. These five pillars are what your community will grab on to. They are the basis of the environment you will create, and the reputation you will begin to spread.

Another important aspect of community-building is involvement. Taking notice of the community you're building and compelling its members to interact and actively engage with your platform is incredibly important. One way to do this is to establish a way of welcoming or thanking your newest followers on a regular basis. Depending on the rate at which you are growing, this could be anything from a private message or comment thanking each person for jumping aboard to a weekly shout out to your newest followers. Weekly posts like this not only make community members feel highly valued, but encourage long-time members to interact with and welcome these newcomers, reinforcing and strengthening your community as it grows.

Building your community takes a lot of time, commitment, and hard work at first, but the benefits are vastly beyond worth the work you will put into it. 

Still unsure of this whole community-building thing, or have questions on how to get started? Crowd Hub apps is here to help. Far from your typical App company, Crowd Hub is focused entirely on helping create communities in a world increasingly isolated, and we're here for you.