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July 18th , 2016

How Community and Technology Can Sustain Companies


Many businesses believe that the ultimate indicator of a company’s success is its profit margin. But, as we move further along in our technological climate, we are seeing that revenue isn’t theonly guarantee of a company’s sustainability. So, what truly makes a company last over time?

Developing a solid community through technology. Published in 2016, the State of Community Management report confirms this notion. It strongly recommends that online communities concentrate their attention on what they can offer both customers and companies. The report also supports proactively ensuring that the needs of customers are met, and, more importantly, that customers are achieving their goals.

When customers feel connected, they become connected to the business; finally, they become connected to each other. As a result of their connections to their online communities, customers feel a part of something greater than themselves. Ultimately, this has a long-standing impact on customer retention. The Search Engine Journal affirms: “The stronger your community is, the more that your brand is going to be supported during the good times and the bad times.” 

It is important to remember that maintaining a community and crystallizing social engagement is a two-way street, a give and take. “Focus on adding value to your audience before you ask anything from them. Truly engage with them, care about what they care about, and be the solution to meet that need.” -William Coles, Creative Director and Photographer.

Businesses with a strong sense of community outlive their competition: when a company is developing a brand for its business, it is important for it to dig deeply into the type of community that it would like to create. Crowd Hub's mission is to increase consumers' connection to purpose-centered brands by connecting communities with causes that matter. To build a stronger online community please visit Crowd Hub here