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July 12th , 2016

The 5 Pillars of Community: More Than a Catch Phrase


Have you ever walked down a street in your neighborhood, maybe even your own street, and thought to yourself, "I hardly know any of these people." You're not alone. In today's globally minded consciousness, what communities are--what community means--is changing. Many people are saying that the very idea of community (let alone the reality of it) is dying out. Respectfully, we disagree.

Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us." Nowhere is this more true than in the communities we create. Thankfully, there are 5 Pillars of Community that we can use to create a strong and meaningful shape for our communities no matter what changes come our way.

The Pillars

  1. A Common Vision. This doesn't mean an ordinary, everyday vision, this means a shared vision. A compelling, shared vision. Communities thrive as they build and work toward a common goal. To consistently thrive, that goal needs to be worth sacrificing for and the community needs to know it.
  2. Shared Responsibility. This pillar gets misunderstood a lot when it comes to communities (and companies and teams and just about everything else). It doesn't mean that everyone is at fault if things go wrong, it means everyone is needed to succeed. There is nothing worse than being part of a community and feeling like a waste of space. Make sure that everyone in your community knows that they are individually important.
  3. Apparent Progression. This scares people a lot more than it should. You don't always have to be breaking new ground, but make it easy to see how things are progressing and have regularly achievable checkpoints to demonstrate progress.
  4. Rewarding Rewards. Communities sacrifice, it is one of the essential traits of a true community, so make sure that the reward returned for that sacrifice is actually rewarding.
  5. Continuous Infrastructure. Communities need an organization that promotes and accommodates growth. Make sure that the community you build doesn't have any dirt patches in the middle of the metaphorical freeway.

Society hasn't been broken by modern technology (E.G. smartphones and the internet), it has been given an opportunity to create communities more committed and connected than ever before. To see how your community shapes up with these 5 crucial pillars, Contact Us for a free copy of our 5 Pillars!