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April 6th , 2020

Leading Through Crisis


In 1982 Burger King was losing market share in the quick-serve food game. The change was happening in rapid order and new competitors were popping up daily. What do you do when the world is spinning faster than you can control? You battle!

Jeff Campbell, at the time, was CMO of Burger King. Rather than shrinking or running into fear he rallied his troops with a simple message, we battle!

The results garnered national attention and their competitors were so fearful of the battle they levied lawsuits to stop the battle. Decades later the battle is talked about and studied in marketing classes around the world. 

No matter your industry or story a battle has just shown up. Competitors are grasping for market share and wondering how to stand out. You might be wondering, how will I keep my job? What can I do to stand out?

The greatest way to navigate a crisis is not to run, rather to battle! 

Jeff Campbell went on to be the global CEO of Burger King and now teaches masters programs on leadership.

Join us for our next webinar, “Leading Through Crisis” with former Global CEO of Burger King, Jeff Cambell.

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Apr 16, 2020, 11:00 AM Pacific Time