The Problem

What's the first problem God ever solved?

Religious or not, it’s stated that God looked at everything He created and said, "It is good." However, upon further reflection, He noted one thing that wasn’t good. Any guesses?


Yup, God looked at man and said, "You should never experience life alone." When it comes to your brand and consumers, we agree.

No one should experience your brand alone!

Our Solution

Crowd Hub takes ISOLATED CONSUMERS and turns them

About Us

Our Story

From Nickelodeon games to global Fortune 100 employee impact programs, our founders have built community solutions impacting all ages and verticals.

As society began to fragment with the rise of digital isolation, the need for human connection was at an all time high. Recognizing that digital dependency was here to stay, we set out to build digital community solutions that would drive human connection. We succeeded.

With over 65 community platforms facilitating human connection among global employee bases, leading mission-centered organizations and hyper connected startups, Crowd Hub leads the way in community.

Our Vision

To be the most powerful community brand builder in the world.

Our Mission

Connect people in community around causes that matter.

Our Expectation

By connecting hundreds of millions of people to brands and causes that make the world a better place, we expect to improve the lives of others, increase the connection of consumers to purpose-centered brands, and ignite deeper meaning all around the world.

Our Services


High fidelity UI/UX design and tailor made user stories.


Custom technology development including apps + websites.


On-site evaluations with community roadmapping and development.

Live Event Apps

Custom and gamifed event apps for live events and conferences.


Engagements patterns, interest results, user behaviors.

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Our Work

Here are a few of our favorite projects.

About Community

What is community?

Community is the Active State of connecting individuals to share attitudes and behaviors that advance a defined mission.

How do you build community?

We have found every community needs 5 pillars to sustain itself. Each pillar is paramount and dependant on the other. By defining your pillars, you’re on your way to building a community!

How do you sustain community?

Communication is key. Keep engagement sticky by moving individuals through the behavior change process using our 6 stage communication strategy.

Is building a community right for you?

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